The Rehabilitation Welfare Trust

The Rehabilitation Welfare Trust was established in its current form in the 1980s.  The history of the organisation goes back many decades.  In 1930 the Disabled Serviceman's Re-Establishment League was incorporated.   In 1969 the functions of the league were enlarged to include assessment, rehabilitation and training, sheltered employment and the placement of disabled persons.

The Disabled Servicemen's League ran shops that sold goods produced by the people who were assisted by the organisation.  When the League was disbanded the assets of the shop account were used to form the Rehabilitation Welfare Trust.

The Rehabilitation Welfare Trust is a registered charity, registration CC29640. 


The Objects of the Rehabilitation Welfare Trust are:

The welfare and support of disabled persons

Encouraging disabled persons to participate in sport, outdoor and recreation activities and promoting such activities.

Providing and maintaining hostels and facilities for disabled persons.

For such charitable purposes for the public benefit, within New Zealand, as are consistent with the previous objectives, as the Trustees think fit.

The Trust welcomes assistance from individuals and organisations by way of donations and bequests.   Such financial assistance is used for generating additional funding for grants to applicants


Are you Eligible for a Grant?

The Trust accepts applications from organisations that operate in the disability sector.  An individual can not apply directly for funding.  However an organisation may apply on behalf of an individual.

The average payment to groups who successfully applied for grants during the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2016 was $1,361.  The range of approved grants was from $200 to $3,000. 

Generally the Trust will consider a grant to an organisation once within a 12 month period, however applications will be considered within 12 months if there are exceptional circumstances.



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